Matrix Discovery


  • Matrix121 is the music & arts people discovery arm of
  • Unlike Facebook, which is about who you know, the matrix is about who you DON'T know.
  • It can also be about who doesn't know you.
  • It consists of a concatenation of navigable worldlines crisscrossing the globe, running into people's THEY RECOMMEND ME tabs on their matrix pages and out through their I RECOMMEND THEM tabs. Matrix pages are nodes, like train stations along ever branching tracks.
  • By this grapevine methodology it becomes theoretically possible for all artists to be reached — no matter how isolated — no matter where in the world — from anywhere.
  • These are giant steps through far-reaching interconnected degrees-of-approximation beginning with man-in-black-hat João do Boi (John of the Ox) in his village in Bahia, Brazil.
  • And per our original intentions: Leading from afar BACK to João and his musical brothers & sisters here in Bahia.
  • The original meaning of “matrix” is “source”, from “mater”, Latin for “mother”.
  • We’re a real mother for ya.


João do Boi